BALLET LEVELS 1-6(for grades 3-12) As a foundation for all dance, ballet is extremely important to the strength and progress of a dancer and a classical ballet class is recommended forall students 3rd grade and up. Dancers are placed according to ability rather than age-use age as a guideline if you are unsure and our instructors will adjust accordingly. All ballet students will participate in our annual ballet production as well as in our June recital. Ballet production fees are rolled into ballet tuition. Please look at the ballet page of our website for more info on our ballet. 60 min. $700.00

PRE-POINTE Open to female dancers grades 5 and up who wish to pursue pointe work and are also enrolled in a Ballet class. Class includes conditioning exercises with a focus on alignment and flexibility required for Pointe. Students will be given exercises to complete independently to augment training. 60 min. $600.00

POINTE Determined on an individual basis and by invitation only, these dancers are preparing for performance en pointe. Pointe dancers have specific requirements set by their teacher. Please ask if you would like more information.*pointe shoes required at the discretion of teacher* 45min. $570.00