Ok Y’all… it’s getting CRAZY!

Between now and July 4th.. here’s what I am looking at…  Peter Pan rehearsals every weekend, directing a scholarship audition for the dance teachers club I serve on the board of, taking 40 dancers to that same club’s workshop, hosting a fantastic contemporary/improv/life coaching workshop at the studio, flying to Detroit to give a business seminar to studio owners, workshop for studio inters, workshop for our preschool teaching staff, hosting Tinkerbell Tea Party to promote Peter Pan, producing a Peter Pan ballet production, bringing 75 dancers to perform in a charity concert for the Andrea Rizzo Foundation, bringing dancers to perform at Celtics halftime show, 2 competitions, flying to Phoenix to give another business seminar to studio owners, producing a show to perform at Canobie Lake Park, one day of music recitals, 7 June recitals, taking 200+ people to DISNEY to perform in a parade and stage show AND my own son, Nick, is in 4 separate shows (not my own), playing on basketball and baseball teams, and my other son, Jake, is playing on a basketball team and 3 (yes 3) baseball teams! YES there is a Mexico vacation in there during February break THANK GOD! And, of course, there is homework help, dinners, doctors apts, laundry and the “normal” life stuff to keep up with!  Y’ALL – IT IS GETTING CRAZY!

So what do we do when life starts running away with us? How do we stop this fight or flight instinct and get a grip?! 

I have no idea.

Truly. I don’t. But here’s what I am going to try to do…

I love my role at my dance studio. I LOVE that I am the “principal” there and can have an impact on every student without actually teaching them all. I love watching their little smiling faces coming in and out of classes and I love watching my inspired teachers share their passion and change their little lives. I LOVE providing the opportunity for good, kind, talented people to work in a field they love and feel appreciated. I LOVE providing a place where kids can be free, release stress, express themselves, feel like someone in the world understands them. I LOVE watching kids who felt alone, finally feel like they belong somewhere. I LOVE allowing a group of kids share their talent for good. Make a difference. Feel fulfilled. I LOVE helping other studio owners get to that same place. I LOVE all of it.

But looking at all of it on paper gives me incredible anxiety. So I am taking it just a couple of events at a time. I will not let what is too far away to deal with get to me now. I am taking one event at a time and crushing it. I am calling for help when I need it. I am claiming space to breathe when I feel overwhelmed. When I find myself with a few free moments, I am grabbing a blanket and reading for a few minutes, taking a little longer to drink my coffee, looking at my children a little more slowly and drinking it in.

I am taking into account that just maybe…just maybe… there are too many things on my calendar this year. The thing is, it’s hard to say “No”. It’s hard to say NO when some great opportunity pops into your email inbox. Fear of missing out is real. I have to remember that what I should really be afraid of missing out on is some free time. Free time is an actual thing that should get scheduled in. Empty space on the calendar where there is nowhere you need to be. BLANK SPACE ON THE CALENDAR   What?! Really?! 

There was a time I would look at blank space and think “we have nothing to do tomorrow, what should we plan?”  Ummm… how about NOTHING.  

I’m going to try that. Blank. Space. 

But not now… I have a lot to do!

In the meantime, while I am managing, directing, producing and hosting all of these events, I am going to try to stop and take in the faces. The faces of older students grabbing the last of their high school memories, the faces of the young dancers just beginning to learn, the faces of my teachers sharing, the faces of my own children growing up and finding their way.

So if you see me just standing there taking it all in, maybe you can stop too, just for a minute and look at the beauty in the chaos. We’ll take it in and appreciate it together!  Good Luck! 




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