Dear In Sync Families,

Welcome to “Dream A Little Dream”! This year we are thinking about dreams we all have for ourselves and for the world. Our students are so full of life, energy, hope and dreams!

We are all so very busy these days – I can barely keep up with my calendar and all of the events, obligations, practices, games, rehearsals and performances that fill it. Lately I have to make a conscience decision to actually enjoy the moment I am in. I mean really slow down my breathing and watch my children with open eyes (not through my phone screen) and let them see me smile and take in their moment. The moments are gone so fast and I am honestly trying to burn them into my memory bank! Every moment leaves an imprint on their heart. Playoff games leave that competitive edge, school presentations leave an importance on a deeper education, milestone events celebrate their journey, family events solidify the relationships that matter the most, music concerts leave an appreciation for artistry that came before you as they perform historical compositions and dance recitals… well… dance recitals are unique. Dance recitals don’t happen every weekend, or at the end of every semester, or even twice a year! Once a year, after a long 10 months of classes, one performance. That’s it. So why are they important? Dance is so unique because it encompasses all of the areas mentioned above. Dancers working together, as a team, with everyone holding a special part and effecting each other’s success – they are part of a group working toward a common goal. Dancers demonstrating the techniques and vocabulary they have memorized – a presentation of a deeper education. Recitals are a milestone celebratory event – like a class party and conclusion of a journey. Dancer’s bonds are strong and forever, they must trust each other enough to express themselves safely, move their self-conscious bodies confidently, take risks and support each other – they are a dance family.

Dance is a tradition that has lasted for centuries and it is wonderful to be able to learn a technique that holds such history and will be available to them when they are adults and they are looking for something to fill their far less cluttered calendar. Dancers connect the body, mind and heart in a way that no other art form or sport does. Nothing else combines the physicality of the body, memorization and patterns of choreography, emotions and expression, intention of the heart like dance. And yes, it’s a long dance season and there is one recital at the end of the year to celebrate all that our dancers have achieved. I encourage you to keep all of this in mind as we take a small glimpse into the year that has passed and support our dancers in their dance journey. Please take a moment to talk to them about how confidently they took that stage, ask about their dance friends, how they feel when they dance, maybe even learn a little of their dance routine!

I LOVE THIS MOMENT because I believe in what we do, I believe in the power of this art, I have seen it touch and change lives forever all across this country and I know there is nothing better than the dance community. Nothing.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your children’s lives. We are looking forward to watching them grow and take steps towards making all of their dreams come true.



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