It’s that time of year again! The kids are back to school and shoes, backpacks, pencils and notebooks are littering all of our homes once again! For parents, there is a whirlwind of activity in the days before school starts and then we slowly fall into that familiar routine of running the kids from activity to activity and getting homework done in between it all! For kids, they are reunited with friends they have missed all summer and getting back in shape with new activities, learning new skills and getting smarter by the day!


At In Sync Center of the Arts, the same sort of thing happens! In the weeks after summer camps have ended and before the fall season begins there is a flurry of activity and loads of excitement. We spend weeks getting our programs ready for the new season, preparing lesson plans for every class, training our teachers and class assistants, organizing our class props and cleaning the studios! By the end of September, classes are in full swing, students are adapted to new teachers and music students are well on their way to learning their instruments and creating beautiful music! In Sync is offering dance and music lessons for all ages and is happy to have 14 dance instructors and 9 music instructors sharing their talents this year! At this time of year, we are always so excited to meet new students and families! Every teacher looks at their students as an opportunity to share a gift and to help them craft their talent. This is such a hopeful and motivating time of year for everyone at the studio – everything is possible!


In addition to dance and music lessons that run year-round, we have NEW 8 week fall session classes starting up October 21st. 8 week session classes include Yoga taught by Julie Sullivan of Petit Papillion Yoga, Art classes taught by Kara Smith and Linda Bilowz, Musical Theater taught by Victoria Rios Terheun, Lego Club taught by Jen Alberino, Totally Two’s taught by Kerri Grippi, Tumbling taught by Meagan Kelley and Playspace led by Kerri Grippi. 8 week sessions are a great way to try a program without a big commitment and just enough time to check out a new activity and see if it works for your child.


Tippy Toe Two’s is a dance program for children age 2-3 who love to dance too! These young ballerinas will be dancing, playing, expressing, tumbling and discovering the joy of movement with a parent at the beginning of the year with the goal of separation and independence by the season’s end.


Art session includes themes such as “Smart Art” where children will incorporate an academic theme with every art project, “Paint-Paste-Poetry” where children will combine art with literature and see how they collaborate and “Who Made That?” where children will learn about the people that make the art we love while we create some beautiful art ourselves!


Yoga is taught by Julie Sullivan of Petit Papillion Yoga at In Sync. Miss Julie was just awarded the honor of being one of the 40 stars under 40 on the South Shore and her yoga company, Petit Papillion, won the wonderful Red Tricycle award this year too! We are very happy to say that Miss Julie has been with us since the very beginning of In Sync and we are happy to still have her spreading her love and talent to our students!


In Sync has Musical Theater fever this year! We are running Showcase Minis, Showcase Kidz and Actors Studio classes this session and classes are already filling up! Miss Victoria is also very very excited about directing her first In Sync musical, A Midsummer’s Night Musical, this year! The walls are bursting with the beautiful sound of children singing and dancing their hearts out!


Lego club is exploding with creativity this year too! Now offered on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, Miss Jen is guiding our young engineers with creatively building with Legos, working together and most of all having FUN!


Tumbling is finally making an appearance on the In Sync schedule! Monday afternoons we will be tumbling with Miss Meagan Kelley! Basic tumbling skills will be worked and fine-tuned in these classes. Perfect for kids who want to tumble for cheerleading or just for fun!


Playspace at In Sync opens again October 21st on Mondays and Fridays 9:30-11:30. All of our dance props and tumbling equipment will be out for parents and kids to play with! Grab your kids, grab a friend, grab a coffee and head on over to play!


The “Mini” dance program at In Sync for 3-7 yr. olds is very special. In Sync staffs each class with two teachers and a low student/teacher ratio, the Mini program classes have special Mini-recitals which happen during day time hours and only last 75 minutes, all children perform two routines in the annual recital, the entire Mini program runs with special theme months with exciting music and routines that change each month, these dancers are introduced to ballet, tap, creative movement and tumbling in each class!


The staff at In Sync Center of the Arts is bursting with excitement! This season, In Sync will have the pleasure of teaching hundreds of children and more are walking through the door to join us each day.  As parents, we hope that we have given our children the opportunity to find their passion through the extracurricular activities we have painstakingly scheduled for them. We hope that all the running from dance, soccer, gymnastics, baseball, karate, music, etc… will pay off in the end. Will they like what they are doing? Will they find a love for something that will take them into adulthood? Will they make new friends? Will their new hobby inspire them?  We are honored to have the opportunity to inspire so many young people through the arts. As a mom and the owner of In Sync Center of the Arts, I raise my heavily caffeinated coffee cup to you – Here’s to another amazing year of experiences! We at In Sync hope your children have special teachers, coaches, or instructors to inspire them this year! – Teri Mangiaratti, Owner, In Sync Center of the Arts


For more information about the classes at In Sync Center of the Arts  550 Adams Street,  contact them at

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