JAZZ DANCE grades 3-12 With its roots in ballet, jazz is fun, up-tempo, energetic and physically demanding. Students will learn jazz technique, musical timing, flexibility and the skills to express themselves in this uniquely American dance form.This class is now its own class NOT combined with tap. 45min. $570.00

TAP DANCE grades 3-12 Tap is a fun way to learn musicality, rhythm, body awareness. These dancers will learn the classic tap steps and skills while ‘tapping’ into their potential exploring the different sounds and rhythmic patterns that can be created using our feet. This class is now its own class NOT combined with jazz. 45min. $570.00

CONTEMPORARY DANCE grades 3-12 Contemporary style is based on the use of gravity, natural movements of the body and expression. Made popular by the current dance TV shows and trends, contemporary is accessible to every dancer and a beautiful way to use expression through dance. 45 min. $570.00

HIP HOP DANCE grades 1-12 This high energy class is an integration of hip hop music and dance style! Always appropriate, we teach our Hip Hop classes with age appropriate music and movement. Hip Hop allows for lots of personal style and improvisation as well as fun choreography! Hip Hop is finding it’s way into our living rooms everyday and this is a great way to learn how to move like your favorite performers! 45 min. $570.00


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